Go WordPress!!

Well. I installed WordPress. Again.

I had a blog before but decided on updating everything by hand. That didn’t work out either. So I’m back to the blog. I’ll be converting everything to use this and doing some upgrades in the future. The old site is still here if your interested: dirq.net v6.

I like the comments thingy anyway. So, give me some. Oh yeah!! And if you want to have an account and do some blogging of your own… well, just ask. Oh yeah!

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Tabitha says:

I just wanted you to know that I think it’s awesome that my face is on this site! I remember when you took that photograph- I thought you were nuts. But then it turned out really cool. Like that time that I posed for you with a TV in my lap (weirdo!). Your pictures make me make sense to myself (i think that you may understand what I am trying to say there). Anyways, I will check this site out religiously for the rest of my time here. Dirk kicks butt!


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