Milwaukee Community Mappings

I set a project for myself to utilize Google’s maps to show the crime and other interesting points in Milwaukee. So I started looking for the data out there and found that there was all ready an interactive map available showing different demographic data for Milwaukee. Check it out:

Click on the “Community Mapping” link and go through the map. It’s kind of disturbing to find how much crap goes on next door. There are also some good things to look up there too like parks (community assets) and property data. Why didn’t I know about this before I bought my house?

I still may try and build a Google map. Maybe I’ll try to see where all the good chicken wings restaurants are. Any one at Milwaukee Wing Tour want to collaborate on this insanity?? I think I need the latitude/longitude coordinates of the bars/restaurants though…


* Dirk Watkins says:

Yo Neil. I don’t have a sample Google map as of yet. I have so much on my plate already it been hard trying to get to most of them. Thanks for the tip – I’ll check it out.

Neill says:

ill collaborate.

did you set up an instance of the google api yet? i started working on one at work, but didnt get terribly far as time didnt allow.

as far as getting the coordinates for the wing places, you can hit up and get 100 free “geocodes” (lat, long) coords.

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