New music playback device

I put all of the old songs in the music folder and have a player that will play these. Hats off to 1pixelout for the audio player wordpress plugin:

plugin dudes website

Let me know if they work for you as I have not really tested them too much. The flash file is pretty lightweight so there isn’t a lot of error correction functions in it so those on a crappy connection will probably have a crappy experience with it. You can always use the download link to get the mp3 and play it at your leisure. That would be cool. And sing a long, record it, and send it back to me.


Dirk says:

Sweet! Thanks. I’ll put that up soon. I appreciate the work you’ve done. Very nice! I’ve heard it works pretty well on a dialup connection too!

Martin says:

Hi there. I’m Martin, the author of the Audio Player plugin. Looks like you’re using an out-of-date version of the plugin. Grab the latest version here

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