Big Brother on Waterstreet

The other night I visited the new Brotherís on Waterstreet in Milwaukee. This bar used to be OíDannyís and the Oak Barrel a couple months ago. While entering the door I succumbed to the usual ID check but noticed that the bouncer was using a scanner to read everyoneís IDs. This is disturbing seeing that he probably just read all our personal information and entered it in Brotherís database so they can send us junk mail. Just what I need, some bar having my drivers license number, my photo, and all the data that comes with it. They even know my height and weight, something I canít even remember myself. And I can imagine how this database is sitting in an unprotected dorm room waiting to be hacked.

Is this really necessary?? Canít you just use your eyes and look at my id? Next time Iím going to say ďscrew you, Iím not going to let you steal my identity you pervert!Ē and leave with all of my buddies and hard earned cash and go drink elsewhere. Un-freakin-necessary big brother.

Take a look at this: Scanner Grabs Identity Data from Driver’s License

And plus it was my birthday and I didnít get a free shot. Thatís just plain mean.

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