My new amp: Marshall MG30DFX

Last night we ate in Brookfield near the Guitar Center. Being so close I had to stop by and check some stuff out. Now, I’ve been looking at Marshall’s MG series for a while and seeing that it was just my birthday and I had a little extra cash on hand I bought the MG30DFX. It’s a nice little 30 watt with a 10″ speaker. They were all out of boxed units so I got the floor model and the guy there threw in a 2 year extended warranty for free.

My new amp

They had a 100 watt (used, with a stereo 50 watt amp) for a hundred bucks more but seeing that everyplace I play has a PA (and if not I have one) I decided that I don’t need that kind of power. And plus, the 30 watt is so light and easy to carry (and has an open back that I can store some pedals and cables in). Man, it’s so easy to carry!

I took my new toy home and jammed a little. The only thing I noticed was that the clean channel’s treble knob introduces a small hiss when turned past a quarter. Not sure if that is because it was the floor model… I’ll keep my ear on it and see. I have 60 days to bring it back. I’ll be using this amp for recording so that hiss might be an annoyance.

I’ll play with this amp on Friday. Now my setup includes my Fender Deluxe Strat, a couple pedals and this new Marshall. I’m trying to simplify my setup – less things to frack up.

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