Song: Pink

I wrote the music a couple weeks ago but only finished the words today. So, fresh off the presses, another dirk original for your enjoyment. Please let me know what you think.


lyrics, vocals, all guitar, footstomps – Dirk Watkins

pink is the new black
but you never left me no slack

oh my mind
is bent on your curtains

or it was
i can never be certain

what do you want me to do?
what do you want me to do?

just climb upon my back
cause i, never step on the cracks

oh my mind
is aimed at your fountain

or it was
i will never be certain

what do you want me to do?
what do you want me to do?

our memories won’t break us down
our memories won’t break us

what do you want me to do?
what do you want me to do?


Dirk says:

As long as the cookie dough is in ice cream I’m game. Thanks for the props yo.

Krystal says:

Hey dirky nice song… I actually really mean that but I’m not sure how else to express that I liked your song other than saying ” I liked your song” which sounds like I’m just being nice. If I had listened to your song and didn’t like I would have written you a message about your recently remodeled bathroom. Like “How’d you like the song Krystal” “uh nice bathroom dirk”. Not that I don’t like your bathroom, I do… anyway when are coming to visit us in Madison? Last time you came I was gone :( I have the completed video from the wedding we could watch it and eat cookie dough and cry


Peace out rockstar,


* Dirk Watkins says:

And I’ve been linking to your site for a while now. Sheesh Mr. Dorn.. A review would make amends nicely… :)

I’m going to see Harry Potter tomorrow afternoon. I’ll definitely look for them. That’s pretty cool. I’m not even going to count that appearance as selling out.

Joey D says:

Pink is my new obsession. I like the song, dude. And the site is nice, I had no idea that you even had it. What a good friend I am.

Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway are in the new Harry Potter movie as band members.


* Dirk Watkins says:

You’re in luck! I’m a world-class keyboard drummer!!

Chucky P says:

Nice song bro. I like the line “Pink is the new black” I have a new song I am working on. We should get together and record it some time. I am looking for a keyborad drummer.


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