New Server

We finally got this site moved over to the new server. There were a couple hiccups but I held my breath and stood on my head so it’s over. I’m not sure if there will be any real benefits but my hosting provider says the new server is sweet.

My webmail has been updated too so it’s a little better now. I don’t use it too much anyway. I prefer Thunderbird.


Dirk says:

Sleekhost officially sucks.

* Dirk Watkins says:

More and more issues. I think I’m going to change hosts cause their support is really going down hill. My site is randomly down and is now giving me errors. It could be linked to a CGI runtime error on Windows Server 2003 that Microsoft has a hotfix for. We have the same issue at my work but the hotfix requires that you phone Microsoft for the link to download it so it’s probably not the best solution if they don’t want to give it to the public en mass. So, I think I’ll move to another provider that just runs off of linux since I’m not doing any real .net stuff here any way. I do enough of that at work. Microsoft just doesn’t play nice with other technologies sometimes. I’m sure this is news to you. :)

* Dirk Watkins says:

Man, I’ve been having some issues with my hosting provider. The site was down for over a day and is finally back up although I lost some comments. If you see that your comment is missing please repost it. Sorry for this.

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