Song: The Mountain is Going Away

Last night Chris, Dave and I wrote and recorded another song demo with kind of a bluegrassy feel. We recorded it in my small den around one mic so if it sounds cramped – it was. Please take a listen and leave some comments so I know someone is out there listening to this stuff.


Lyrics, Acoustic Guitar – Dirk Watkins
Mandolin – Chris Lubinski
Electric Bass Guitar – Dave Klapatch


it’s nothing that i would proclaim from the highest mountain
nor should i be ashamed of my eye dropper fountains
the melting snow should only cover the tips
but it’s you i dreamt of in the wind

the pot of water on the stove is about to boil
i’m waiting for a cup of tea to sooth my soul
aren’t i worried? won’t you prepare?
can’t you see that the sun is beginning to stare?
sure, but the moon will keep on spinning round

should we eat at all tonight my friend?
i don’t see the point, only the other end
my side of the mountain is going away
and you won’t be the last to try and save
its nothing i would proclaim from the highest mountain
it’s no great secret i’ll be gone and forgotten
but the moon with still go on my friend
and the moon with still go on

We recorded a way better version of this song here.


Nick says:

dude i already have a drum beat for that cant wait to move so i can jam w you guys

Lubz says:

This is the most stimulating audio I’ve experienced in minutes.

Tim says:

Great guitar work all around. If you feel like you could utilize my kazoo skills, let me know.

M says:

This song makes me feel like I should be driving in a convertible on a desolate highway feeling free…instead of in front of a computer.

It’s a good feeling (and dream) to have

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