Ugly Duckling Open Mic

Last night Dave Pawl, Chris Lubinski and I played at an open mic night at the Ugly Duckling Pub in Oconomowoc. They have this jam fest every Thursday night from 7 until all the musicians get tired. There were a couple guys there that were just made to play their instruments – from a guy on a lap-steel to an award winning harmonica player to a saxophonist. A lot of mix-and-matching was done between people with some really groovy results. We played a couple songs together then I did a couple acoustic songs by myself that turned out all right.

The set up there is pretty good. Ron, the guy responsible for setting this all up, has all the equipment there so if you want to play you just have to show up. He’s got acoustic, electric and bass guitars, drums, and mics all ready to go. It’s a pretty nice setup and is especially convenient for those of us who have spotty equipment. I brought my Washburn ES335 copy and it cut out half way through a song on me – and in the process adding some juice to my vocals. We are known there as the “shocking lips” now – maybe we can be a Stones cover band…

Ugly Duckling Pub (located inside the Olympia Resort & Spa)
1350 Royale Mile Road
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 53066

Map to the Ugly Duckling Pub

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