Milwaukee Gas Prices

Here is a list of the cheapest gas stations in Milwaukee. Entries come from site visitors so there may be some discrepancies in what the actual prices are but otherwise it’s pretty helpful if you’re a cheapskate like me.

This is really prime for a mash-up with Google Maps.  It’d be really sweet to see a map with all of the different prices color coded to see which areas have high prices (Shorewood maybe?) and which have low. Maybe I’ll get on that with my so-called “copious amount of spare time” – then again…


Amanda (she works hard for the money) Dahlby says:

Thank you Dirk!

I have always used MSN but yours is better because its local and updated more frequently.

Unfortunately, I\’ve been buying most of my gas at 76th and Bradley, which is the most expensive gas station on your list.

* Dirk Watkins says:

Darn. As soon as I wrote about the mash-up I found the Gas Tempature Map which gives geographical and color-coded map of gas prices. It looks like Google Maps too…

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