More On La Fiesta

La Fiesta de Gringo is fast approaching. It’s this Saturday already! The festival will start around 2:30pm and will be going strong for at least 12 hours until 2:30am. Crabgrass, Sweetheart Tripwire and other crazy compilations of musicians and artisans will be rocking all night long. Matt has been preparing for a while and will have plenty of drinks, food and fire to go around. He even has a logo:

La Fiesta De Gringo

Now isn’t that a special logo? It’s so.. gringish.

We’ll be camping out and cooking s’mores too. I’m going to try and beat my 12-s’mores-in-one-night record.

Invite all your friends, friend’s moms and friend’s mom’s moms. It’s a simple equation: more people = more rock!

Oh, and here’s some required reading for you. There will be a quiz.

Retro Fiesta: A Gringo’s Guide to Mexican Party Planning

A Gringo's Guide to Mexican Party Planning


Hoy gringos! Wir sidn mas cervecas getrunken!

ChocolateChicken says:

I tink that you should make some hats with that logo on it and sell them for $5. I’d wear one proudly to show my support.

Heather says:

Sweet…. Sweetheart Tripwire!! Can’t wait… it’s going to be a great ending to the summer!!

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