Linearality of the Blog Model

I’ve had this blog for a bit but I am always stretching for things to fit into this linear container. This format seems too structured and ordered for what I really want to have here. It’s just not representative of how I want the site to be or what I want to do outside of my daily web-development work.  I would like to post a lot of my new photo-works up here along with other artsy-fartsy stuff but the creation and display of those things is just not suited for a blog.  More of like a gallery.  Or just a large room with lots of wall space.  In any case I need to make some additions to this site for any of this to happen.
During the day I make things more efficient and organized. And, in a way, I don’t want to be that way here. I want to do what I used to. I want to do what I’m doing for Take Solace and what misprinted-type and radiohead have been doing utilizing the crazy-linked-labyrinth that only the web allows. I only wish I could find my old sites. (This is version 8 if you didn’t know).

The power of the web medium is the hyperlink and it’s non-linear nature. A blog, by definition, is linear because of it’s date ordering, journal style. I don’t have that daily-newspaper-style in me after 5pm anymore since it’s all been bled out. I don’t write that way either. I like to stick things in the middle. Add to the beginning. Change the end.

I’ll keep the blog as a subsection. [to archive this content and to allow me to add random ramblings when the mood arises]
Now that the decision has been made the next issue to deal with is what it should be. I think I’ll just start. I always find that’s the worst part, just starting. After that work just takes on a mind of it’s own. But definitely look for a new, haphazard dirq-web with this blog for a back-story instead of a main-feature.

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Lory says:

If you’re tired of linear take a look at
f(x)=X squared, or f(x)= x cubed.

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