Song: The Mountain Is Going Away

We finally finished recording The Mountain Is Going Away. It took us a while and I’m proud of this little recording.


We recorded it all in my second bedroom since it has carpet and the dither was reduced to a minimum. We added a whole slew of weird background noises and yellings. Try to spot the candy wrapper.

Let us know what you think. It may be a little loud as we recorded in 24 bit, compressed it and then brought it down to 16 bits for the CD and MP3. I’ve been reading a audio mastering book and that’s what it told me to do. It seems like it worked pretty well but I’d like to know what it sounds like on your system. Please, please, please leave some comments below.


it’s nothing that i would proclaim from the highest mountain
nor should i be ashamed of my eye dropper fountains
the melting snow should only cover the tips
but it’s you i dreamt of in the wind

the pot of water on the stove is about to boil
i’m waiting for a cup of tea to sooth my soul
aren’t i worried? won’t you prepare?
can’t you see that the sun is beginning to stare?
sure, but the moon will keep on spinning round

should we eat at all tonight my friend?
i don’t see the point, only the other end
my side of the mountain is going away
and you won’t be the last to try and save
its nothing i would proclaim from the highest mountain
it’s no great secret i’ll be gone and forgotten
but the moon with still go on my friend
and the moon with still go on

Note: Play the demo version of this song here.


* Dirk Watkins says:

Thanks. Visit to see when we play. I don’t have any shows lined up in Madison any time soon though. Waukesha though.. You can make it.. unless you have a POS car or something..

Frank Lee says:

Hey. You guys rock and I love indie folk rock! Can you guys play in Madison soon? I don’t want to drive all the way to Milwaukee to come see you play…

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