Woops. 850,000 Phones Fell in the Toilet Last Year

Cell Phone in the ToiletMy friend consistently looses her cell phone in odd places. Parks, classrooms, bars – but I don’t think she ever lost anything in the toilet. Probably because she’s not British. Here’s a report on the different ways people smash, loose and water-log their phones:

Brits Drop 850,000 Phones Down the Toilet – Each Year

I’ve been telling everyone about the importance of backups for a while. Make sure you have your virtual little-black-book backed up otherwise you might lose the number of that hottie in the green dress you saw the other night at The Art Bar.

Take the advice of my friend: She keeps the number of her husband taped to the back of her cell. She must have lost and found it 5 times this way. Good thing there are honest people around.

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krystal says:

one time I lost in on top of my fridge…the dishonest fridge never called dave

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