I’ve got a Nikon camera. I love to take photographs.

Nikon D80It’s time to put the Kodachrome down to rest. I finally broke down, joined the digital revolution, and bought the Nikon D80 for myself. It is close to my birthday after all.  So far I love the D80s big display on the back and the sharpness of the images. I picked it over any of the Canons cause I’m a Nikon guy and all my old Nikon lenses fit as well. It just feels great in my hand.  I have the D70s at work and the D80 is quite a step up from that.  It’s 10.2 megapixel and has a great display zoom feature to get right in to the details of the image. The histogram has been improved from the D70 to give the color spectrums as well.

I ordered the kit from Adorama with an 18-55mm zoom lens. I have a 70-300mm so the smaller zoom was ok for me. It’s nice and light and will be great for traveling since I have a trip planned for Cancun, MX in a couple weeks and a business trip to Germany a little bit after that.

I have a couple series ideas too and will probably be taking another session of basement-portraits on New Years.


Dirk says:

Probably something with fire. And/or pastries. I like pastries.

laura says:

what kind of series are you thinking about Nikon man;)

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