Yet Another Homebrew Q/A Site

For good info on home-brewing beer, there’s not much better than Home Brew Talk. And for techie-questions, I also love Stack Overflow and the whole Stack Exchange for the voting and atmosphere.  The cool thing is, both of these ideas are  now combined into one site:

Homebrew – Stack Exchange

It’s left to be seen, but hopefully the people on this new site are as insightful as on Home Brew Talk.  I’ll try posting on both to get a good feel of which ones better.  The interface for Homebrew – StackExchange is WAY better than Home Brew Talk’s, which seems to be some bad, old forum software from the late 90s.  But since HBT has been around for a long time, there is a TON of wisdom there that should never be overlooked.  Just sayin, take a gander for yourself.  Let me know which one you use and what you like about either one.

And if you don’t know: Don’t worry.  Have a homebrew.  :)

P.S. In case you have an account on either one, I wouldn’t mind being in your circle.  Check out my profiles if you got a moment:

My Homebrew – StackExchange Profile

My Home Brew Talk Profile


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