Remove Windows Authentication Prompts in Firefox

If you have intranet sites using Windows Auth that are not fully qualified domain names (fqdn) (like http://companyintranet/) you probably noticed that Firefox constantly prompts your users to enter their windows authentication credentials.  You can easily get Firefox to work like IE by allowing automatic logins.

  1. Go to “about:config”
  2. Filter the keys down to “network.automatic”
  3. Edit network.automatic-ntlm-auth.allow-non-fqdn value to true


Dan says:

Any way to set this from within a Visual Studio 2013 (ASP.NET 4.5 Framework), so I don’t have to have it set up on everyone’s machine individually? Thanks in Advance!, Dan

Cortster says:

Thank you. Saved the day. Had this issue with newly installed Visual Studio 2013.

DexterB says:

Works as described.

Net Admin says:

This actually does not work for me. Still get the authentication prompt even the password information is stored. Is there a way to completely bypass the authentication prompt?

Pallavi says:

This works. Thank you very much for the solution.

James Farr says:

Useful post – thanks, Dirq!

If you replaced “plays guitar” with “plays bass”, your summary could be used as mine. I’ll hit you up next time I’m in WI, maybe we can jam! (I’ve never been to WI, BTW…)

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