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How to pour Guinness from a can

Here’s the secret to pouring Guinness from a can into a pint glass.  Open the can, quickly jam it in the pint upside down, and slowly it pull out.  That’s it.

And if that isn’t clear enough, I made a little video for you.

It even “stands up” to the pencil test.


Fighting Multiple Sclerosis with Music

Take Solace, Wolfgang Schaefer, MBird and Bryan Cherry will be playing a benefit to help raise money for MS research. The event will be at the Art Bar on 4/30/2010.  Music starts around 8:30pm.  Take Solace will most likely play around 11.

Rock to Challenge MS (Art Bar)
Milwaukee, WI
Suggested Donation of $10
722 E. Burleigh St., Milwaukee, WI
Venue phone: 414.372.7880

See the Facebook page for details (login required):