Dayton’s First Months (9/1 – present day)


Dayton had his first professional photo shoot with mommy and daddy. To keep his little frame warm, we used a heating pad underneath the white, fluffy blanket. Along with a warm bottle and lots of hugs and kisses, we were able to get great shots. Here’s the highlights that will soon be framed.


We decided to introduce Dayton to his crib. Here’s how well it went.


Dayton had his long awaited inguinal hernia repair surgery at Children’s Hospital. We checked in at 6:30 a.m. and the surgery began at 7:30 a.m. It was one of the longest hours of our lives, but  by 8:30 a.m. we were able to see him in the recovery room. We learned from the surgeon that  not only did he have 2 hernias, but his appendix had also slipped out of place. With that all being repaired, along with a circumcision, Dayton was treated with infant Tylenol. For the most part, it kept his pain at a minimum. For the next few days he was fussy and gladly his feedings increase significantly. He went from taking 50 ml to 80 ml per feeding. Our little man is eager to grow.


Dayton received this wonderful, personalized frame from our good friend Ann Daul. If you like her work, go to to see more or request your custom order.


Dayton’s follow up appointment for his repair surgery went great! Everything is healing nicely.


Wow! It’s been crazy. I remember when everyone was telling me how tired Laura and I would be when we brought Dayton home. We didn’t understand. Now we do.



Dayton, in the good


Dayton doesn’t sleep. We’re trying to teach him how. What he is doing is eating VERY well. He’s 7 lbs. 8 oz. and 20.25 inches.


Dayton LOVES his Giraffe knit hat from Josie Pyng. Thank you SO much. It’s really the cutest thing we’ve ever seen :)


Dayton and Daddy had their photo shoot in the back yard.


Dayton goes to the Elegant Farmer in the Mini Cooper. He went on a hay-ride and pick out his first pumpkin.


Dayton had his 2 month check up. He weighed in at 9.5 lbs and is 21.5 inches long. We packed up all his premie clothing because he’s rocking the newborn size. During tummy time, he can lift his head up and look around for about 10 seconds. The little boy is getting stronger every day.


Dayton started wheezing on Saturday night (10/13/12) so we took him to Dr. Sawall first thing Monday morning. He was diagnosed with croup. Since then we have been keeping him comfortable with a humidifier and steam bath sessions. These symptoms should be better in 5-6 days. Please keep him in your prayers.


Dayton is doing much better. No more wheezing sounds! Praise be to God. Thank you for all your prayers.


Dayton is ready to celebrate daddy’s 32nd birthday! We made him breakfast in bed and a homemade card with his hand prints. Daddy LOVED it! Then we took a field trip to the Milwaukee Domes. Thank goodness there was less than 10 people visiting when we were. Here’s the highlights.


Happy Halloween!


Mommy bought a new camera, Nikon D800. She couldn’t help but photograph me right away. Forgive my attire, I just woke up!


Christmas card photo shoot time. Lights-CHECK, garland-CHECK, and a sweet ear flap cap-CHECK! Let’s shoot!!


Dayton was approved by our health insurance for 5 doses of synagis. Each dose can range from $2,000-$7,000. Synagis is a medicine used to help an RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) infection from becoming severe. Each year, many children less than 1 year old spend time in the hospital due to RSV and it can be deadly for premies. Waukesha Memorial Hospital let Dirk and I know, last year they lost two premature children due to this virus. Each dose is injected at the doctor’s clinic and is good for 30 days. Dayton had his first injection today. He took it like a champ!


During tummy time today, Dayton rolled over for the first time with both mommy and daddy present!!!


Merry Christmas!


Dayton started cutting his lower teeth. Check it out! And yes, we like to drool!


Oh Boy! Dayton learned how to stick out his tongue. Thanks Daddy…..


Dayton’s a big boy. Time for rice cereal.



Happy Valentines Day!

XOXO Dayton





Nana Robertson says:

You need to update! How about 1 year old pictures!

Claire says:

Wow. I AM cute! Thanks for posting my new pictures :=)

Claire says:

Hey, Mom. I’ll be 9 months old on Sunday. Let’s show my fan club how cute I am now.

Pleeeeeeeeeeease :=)

jason says:

thanks for posting i must have got somthing in my eye *snif

Claire says:

Thanks much for the new pics. Precious …

Mom says:

More pictures please!

Dena says:

He is SO beautiful and precious! Such a sweet, angelic face. Wishing you all continued blessings!

Claire says:

Great new pics! I love the look on his face in the Halloween one :=) Beautiful boy.

Keri Engelking says:

The pictures are too precious. Keep growing little Dayton! You are such a wonderful blessing. PS… we will have a friend for you to play with next year!

Dena LeMere says:

What a beautiful, precious, sweet boy! How wonderful to see these pictures and share your joy. I think of you often, Laura, and send you all warm wishes for this special time together. Wishing you continued blessings. Hugs!

Heidi says:

He’s adorable!!! I love the photos!

Claire says:

Thanks, Laura and Dirk, for posting some new photos. Dayton is beautiful :=)

Grandma says:

I want to just hold him and kiss him…sure miss that boy!!

Claire says:

Dear Dad,

My fans are wondering how big I am now. Can you please post some new photos?

Love, Dayton

Amy Dickson says:

You mean the all consuming, so tired you feel like you could vomit? Its ugly but only temporary, if Randy could make it through it at 46 years old you guys will too :) You are probably doing this already, but we took turns getting up at night and that seemed to help. Hang in there, before you know you will be trading sleepless nights for a sassy mouth. We are excited to meet the little guy sometime
Randy Amy and Claire

* Dirk Watkins says:

I’ll welcome some sassy mouth. At least we’d know what the heck he wanted so we could deny it appropriately.

Mom says:

Sometimes you just have to rest and let the dishes wait…

* Dirk Watkins says:

Thank God for dishwashers.

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