Lacey Louise Watkins

Vital Stats

Born:Tuesday 11/18/2014 8:50am
Weight:6 pounds 6 ounces
Length:19 inches
Head:34 cm

Scheduled labor is different but it works. Counting down the days and hours until the surgery was nerve racking.  We didn’t get much sleep the night before and we had to be at the hospital at 6:30am.  When it finally came down to the surgery, the staff here at Waukesha Memorial Hospital made us feel as comfortable as possible. Dr. Trester was amazing. Again.  She performed Laura’s last c-section too.

Lacey came out kicking and is already giving daddy pouty faces.

6 lbs, 6 oz.
6 lbs, 6 oz.

Lacey and Laura right after birth

Lacey, just hours old.
Lacey, just hours old.

Side bar…

We could not decide on a name.  We were between Lacey and a handful of others.  Then on my drive back and forth I followed this.  Was it a sign? We thought so.


Back to the story…

Dayton and Grandma came to visit the next day (Wed 11/19).  He was tepid at first, but when he needed to go Dayton walked over to Lacey and gave her a big hug and a kiss.  So sweet! He’s going to be an awesome big brother.

Thanks to everyone for your well-wishes.  We love you all.  We should be home Friday afternoon (11/21) and you’re welcome to come and visit us.

Friday, November 21

Thanks to Lacey’s Great Uncle Dale Robertson for this classic pic. (For those that don’t know, like me, there is a Packer called Eddie Lacey, #27)

Lacey Louise


Mike and Ann says:

Congratulations! She is beautiful!

Jill Pfeil says:

Beautiful! We are so happy to hear that everything went well. Love the name, what an awesome story. Congratulations!

Shari Molstad says:

Congratulations! She’s beautiful!

Lynn Schroeder says:

She is beautiful!! Congratulations :-)

Liz Heuvelmans says:

Congratulations Laura and Dirk! Lacey is lucky to have you both as her parents!

Kelli Hawkins says:

Congratulations Laura, Dirk, and Dayton!!! What a sweet little addition to your family. Can’t wait to meet her :)

Megan Delfosse and Family says:

Congrats! Can’t wait to meet her. She is beautiful. Love the name

John Komp says:

You picked the name based on domain availability, didn’t you Dirk?

Jason Mann says:

Congratulations to you both! Thanks so much for putting this up. She’s beautiful.

Cheri Robertson says:

I just showed Dayton these pictures and he was beaming from ear to ear and saying baby..we both couldn’t be prouder! Love you!

Erica White & Co. says:

Perfection! So glad to hear all went well. Many congrats.

David says:

Beautiful name for a beautiful girl hope to see her soon love David and Krystal

Kevin & Michelle Covert says:

Congratulations you guys! She’s a sweety!

Keri Engelking says:

Congratulations!! So excited to meet her!

Randy Amy and Claire Dickson says:

She is just perfect, so pretty! Claire will be thrilled, she has been dying to share with her class at school her new cousins name :) Congratulations Dirk, Laura and Big Brother Dayton.

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