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How to pour Guinness from a can

Here’s the secret to pouring Guinness from a can into a pint glass.  Open the can, quickly jam it in the pint upside down, and slowly it pull out.  That’s it.

And if that isn’t clear enough, I made a little video for you.

It even “stands up” to the pencil test.


Dirk’s Lawnmower Cream Ale Recipe

Cream Ale (based on Weed, Feed and Mow from Brewing Classic Styles)

Style: Cream AleOG: 1.050
Type: All GrainFG: 1.009
Rating: 0.0ABV: 05.40 %
Calories: 162IBU’s: 16.50
Efficiency: 80 %Boil Size: 7.25 Gal
Color: 3.7 SRMBatch Size: 5.00 Gal
Boil Time: 90 minutes

Fermentation Steps
NameDays / Temp
Primary7 days @ 65.0°F
Bottle/Keg30 days @ 60.0°F
Grains & Adjuncts
4.75 lbs45.24 %Pilsner (2 Row) Bel60 mins1.036
4.75 lbs45.24 %Rahr 2-Row60 mins1.035
1.00 lbs9.52 %Briess Rice, Flaked60 mins1.032
AmountIBU’sNameTimeAA %
1.00 ozs16.15Liberty60 mins4.30
0.50 ozs0.35Liberty1 mins4.30
AmountNameLaboratory / ID
2.00 pkgAmerican AleWyeast Labs 1056
1.00 ozYeast Nutrient10 minsBoil
Mash Profile

Light Body Infusion In90 min @ 149.0°F
Add 13.12 qt ( 1.25 qt/lb ) water @ 165.0°F

AmountTypeBeer TempCO2 Vols
4.46 ozCorn Sugar – Bottle Carbonation60.0°F2.70