My Retro Flash Site from 2003

I was checking out some of my old work the other day and found my old flash site I did in 2003. For being so old it’s still kind of cool. I posted it here: It was last updated almost exactly 4 years ago on 8/20/2003.

Retro Flash Site

I had a nice nostalgic walk around in it and I remembered all of my old photography. My TV series (see optical in the flash site) was pretty cool and everyone looks so young. There are still a few that have never been published. I need to get those up in some gallery somewhere someday. They are all printed on 11×14″ archival paper but I’d never be able to get my new material to match the old. I’d have to reprint them all. And to reprint I’d have to actually find them all. Hmm.. Would there even be interest in that?


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